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What Are The Best, Top Rated Free Antivirus Software For Windows?

What Are The Best, Top Rated Free Antivirus Software For Windows?

Everybody needs some sort of antivirus software, especially if you’re running Microsoft Windows. There are many choices out there to choose from and some of them are quite expensive. I knew someone who brought his computer into one of the big box stores because of a virus and he ended up paying several hundred dollars for virus removal and installation of an antivirus software.

We wouldn’t want to see anyone fall into this situation and therefore, we’d like to share some of the best free antivirus for Windows and they won’t cost you a dime. These free antivirus choices make the list because they are free, easy to use, effective and hopefully won’t slow your system down.
As a disclaimer, we would be remiss to think that our choices reflect every other person’s opinion so realize others may have other favorite free antivirus software alternatives and it may even be the case that they would put this list into a different order. Just realize that what follows is a list of top rated, free antivirus software for Windows.
Microsoft Security Essentials

top rated free antivirus software
The first on the list of top rated free antivirus software is Microsoft Security Essentials. A few years ago, Microsoft began to come up with some free solutions for those Windows users struggling with the battle against virus and spyware removal. Some of their solutions were good and some were bad but nothing was really the right fix. Now, Microsoft offers Microsoft Security Essentials as a free antivirus for Windows XP through Windows 7 and is actually offering a real solution.
We are willing to suggest this as a top solution not only because of its superb ability to get the job done, but also the ability to lay low in the background without effecting your system’s performance much, staying relatively unnoticed.


top rated free antivirus software
If Avast has anything going for it, it’s speed. According to reports, Avast beats even commercial antivirus software for speed and detection. Test it out yourself and let us know. Also, it comes with Webshield which scans Internet traffic which may or may not affect connection speed. What’s been your experience?


free antivirus for windows xp
Comodo comes highly recommended for keeping your system extremely safe while having a relatively low system impact, including booting and startup. With a good firewall and an auto-sandbox feature, Comodo may just be the right free antivirus software for you.

AVG Free

free antivirus for windows xp
AVG Free has been a favorite for quite some time and while some would switch to a “lighter” solution today, AVG Free is still one of the front-runners in the free antivirus software game. Not only is it’s virus detection very adequate, it also offers something called Linkscanner which visits links before you do and rates them according to safety.
All in all, these are some of the very best, top rated free antivirus software at your disposal. We understand that there are other very good solutions out there but we just can’t cover every single free antivirus software that was ever made. That being said, we would like to ask you: What are the best, top rated free antivirus software for Windows?

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