Friday, November 4, 2011

Cool Websites and Tools

Twijector – Twitter is normally used to update statuses and share activity updates with friends. But now, thanks to a web service called Twijector, you can use Twitter to hold text conferences. Twijector is a free to use web service that provides you with a wall that can gather public tweets with a certain hashtag.

TheHDTVGenie – With HDTV being one of the most popular buzz words in the consumer electronics industry, a lot of people get confused as to what is the difference between various HDTVs and which one should they buy. TheHDTVGenie is a slick new tool that can help you decide which HDTV will be best suitable for your needs.

GeeksaPhone – Websites that list modern phones usually only provide you with phone specifications. If you need help finding the best phone using a variety of specifications, check out a site called GeekAPhone. a free to use website that lets you find a phone best suited to your preferences. You can start by specifying your budget and any phone platform you prefer.

CommentTo – Would you like to share an excerpt of an online article with your friends? If yes, then you could simply copy the excerpt and email it to your friends. But if you want to keep a record of the excerpts you share and let your friends easily comment on them, then you should check out a free to use site called Comment To.

Browser Phone Userscript – If you are on a webpage that contains phone numbers you need to call through your computer, individually typing these numbers could be time-consuming. Here to help make the process faster is Browser Phone Userscript, a browser script for Chrome and Firefox that automatically makes phone numbers on webpages clickable. You can click on the numbers and they are sent to a browser phone using the Twilio client.

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