Friday, November 4, 2011

FictFact: Track Books by Series & Get Sugesstions

There are many online catalogs that let you browse through, preview or add books to a virtual list. However they all treat each book individually even when they are part of a series. FictFact lets you track books by series and tells you which book is next in the series you are reading.

You can add a series to your account by searching for them and as soon as you get done reading a book, just mark it as read. You can also opt in to get email notifications when a new book belonging to any of your tracked series is coming out.

From a social perspective, you can share your series with friends, see what series they are reading and recommend authors, books and series to friends.

books by series


  • Track series of books online.
  • Instantly know which book is next in the series.
  • Get email notifications for new books in the series.
  • Share series with friends and see what they are reading.
  • Recommend books, series and authors to friends.
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